A Digital Look at #Txlege

This report looks at the interim leading up to the 85th Texas legislative session, specifically the conversations around the #txlege hashtag. The hashtag #txlege has had nearly 272,000 uses when the legislature was not even in session. One new feature of the report is an analysis of who members of the legislature are following on Twitter, giving us insight into who influences the decision makers. Let’s dive in and see the top keywords, hashtags, and influencers shaping the conversation.

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Top Five Social Media Lessons & How to Use Them to Win in the 85th

#Txlege The Official Hashtag of Texas

April #Txlege Analysis

March #Txlege Analysis

Texas Economy Conversation

February #Txlege Analysis

Online Landscape of Texas’ 83rd Legislature Special Session

Online Landscape of Texas’ 83rd Legislature


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