The moment Twitter users were waiting for is finally here, yesterday Facebook started to roll out hashtag support. Hashtags have played an important role in issues and advocacy on Twitter, giving the public voice a chance to join the conversations of hot topics they care about.  From an influencer perspective, hashtags have allowed advocacy groups the opportunity to rally allies and monitor opponents online in real-time. So undoubtedly, Facebook’s new hashtagging functionality will change how the site is used.

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How Hashtags will Change Facebook for Issues Advocacy

  1. More Targeting: Using hashtags in posts or in pay-per-click (PPC) ads, advocacy groups will be able to reach a broader range of the right people to rally cheerleaders for an issue or gain support from a key decision maker.
  2. Richer Data: Data geeks (like us) will be able to have a more complete picture of how a key issue is being discussed online and who drives those conversations. This will allow us to provide a more informed communications and outreach strategy.
  3. More Discussion: We will start to see more conversation of key issues. Like on Twitter, Facebook’s hashtag functionality will allow complete strangers to discuss an issue online.
  4. Easier Monitoring: Advocacy groups will be able to watch what is being said on issues that matter most to them, and be a part of that conversation.

I know our team is eager to see hashtag data incorporated in Facebook Insights, but we’ll take what we can get.

Want to join in on the hashtag fun? Search for a hashtag in Facebook’s search bar and you will see a feed of the conversation.