Sen. Wendy Davis for Governor?

An interesting thing happened last night. I am not sure if you heard. Because if you were watching the late night news you would have heard that the controversial abortion legislation (SB5) passed the Texas Senate. And if you were following Twitter you would have witnessed one of the most important stands both on the […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Care How Hashtags Will Change Facebook for Online Advocacy

The moment Twitter users were waiting for is finally here, yesterday Facebook started to roll out hashtag support. Hashtags have played an important role in issues and advocacy on Twitter, giving the public voice a chance to join the conversations of hot topics they care about.  From an influencer perspective, hashtags have allowed advocacy groups […]

Twitter Targeting For Issues Advocacy

Twitter recently introduced keyword targeting in timelines for advertisers. This new feature is an extremely beneficial communication tool for organizations working on public issues, since a large portion of legislative news and discussions develop on twitter. The ability to hyper-target your audience is critical for increasing your Twitter following, directing traffic to websites and helping […]

Cause Organizations and Public Sector: The Impact of Social Media Monitoring

There has been a lot of conversation about social media monitoring for consumer products, customer service and brand reputation management. A recent study revealed that 47 percent of businesses are not monitoring online social media communities at all. Social media affects a company’s bottom line and 85 percent of marketers said they spent time monitoring […]

In Celebration of Arbor Day and Earth Day: A Critical Conversation About Water

Anyone that knows me well knows that I talk a lot about “natural solutions.” Whether that’s about personal health, agriculture, animal welfare or the environment in general. And because of that, I typically point to conservation. It comes down to changing public opinion and our actions. Whether or not you are a believer in climate […]

The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Social Media Political Behavior, Part 1

Recent research by a range of independent organizations has documented the “racial” divide on social media. A recent Pew Research Center survey of 1,802 internet users suggested that different ethnographic groups differ in preference of social media platforms (Duggan & Brenner, 2013). Twitter attracts significantly more black users compared to other races and ethnicities. Blacks […]

Why Influence Opinions?

“The only constant is change” — Isaac Asimov Today I&O Communications is re-launching as Influence Opinions, focusing on the intersection where public affairs, research, and strategy meets online and digital communication, while continuing to do great execution work for clients when they need those services. Although the name and brand are new, the roots of Influence […]