Every 90 days, Influence Opinions will examine and report on the traditional and social media landscape as it relates to the Texas economy. Using social and digital media tools to add depth to our understanding of the conversation around the Texas economy, we will look at: The overall level of conversation on social media, the sentiment of conversation on Twitter, who is having – and who is driving – the conversation.

While the Texas economy will always be the focal point of our analysis, we will also closely examine specific issues that rise to the forefront of the conversation. In our first analysis, which primarily covers the period between November 2014 and January 2015 (unless otherwise noted), we look at how declining oil prices, along with lower prices at the pump, fits into the Texas economy discussion.

A subset of these findings is included in the inaugural Insight Texas effort (www.insighttexas. com), a partnership of Baselice & Associates, Influence Opinions, and TXP that combines survey research, social media evaluation, and economic analysis to take a snapshot of public opinion and add them to economic indicators regarding the Texas economy to produce a quarterly analysis as well as a Trib Talk piece with the Texas Tribune.

What you will find here is the full analysis from Influence Opinions – including everything not found in the Insight Texas reports.

Download the first report here:[Download not found]