Twitter recently introduced keyword targeting in timelines for advertisers. This new feature is an extremely beneficial communication tool for organizations working on public issues, since a large portion of legislative news and discussions develop on twitter. The ability to hyper-target your audience is critical for increasing your Twitter following, directing traffic to websites and helping your company or brand become recognized as an expert by important influencers on key issues.

This new feature enables advertisers to target users based on keywords from their recent tweets. The ability to reach Twitter users who already care about your keywords at the right time can prove extremely effective for advertisers.

This is a smart move by Twitter because if it works as planned, it will result in less clutter for users to sort through and increased interest in the ads they see.  It should also reduce the volume of ads showing up on user timelines and the advertisements will be more meaningful and more likely to produce some sort of engagement (as was found in test studies).

Here is an example:


How can public affairs and issues management pros leverage the changes?

If your organization wants to spread awareness about a key issue or event Ex: rally at the Capitol to support school funding:

  • Set keywords to reach target market: teachers, schools, students, parents, education and funding. This will ensure you connect with Twitter users who are interested in your issue.
  • Create engaging content that will generate a response – most likely clicking on a link to your website or signing up for your newsletter where users will learn more about the rally and sign up to attend
  • Ex:


If your organization wants to pass a bill? Ex: decreasing the number of mandatory standardized tests for students

  • Set keywords to reach target market: students, education, standardized test
  • Ex: