“The only constant is change” — Isaac Asimov

Today I&O Communications is re-launching as Influence Opinions, focusing on the intersection where public affairs, research, and strategy meets online and digital communication, while continuing to do great execution work for clients when they need those services.

Although the name and brand are new, the roots of Influence Opinions began several years ago when we started focusing on how online data could give us an expanded view of how and where an issue was likely to play out for our clients.  We noticed that the wall between the “real” and “online” worlds was increasingly permeable and that successful strategies had to take into account both.   Yet, at the same time, our clients needed to better understand how influence on their issue both converged and diverged between online (e.g. social media, web searches) and offline spaces (e.g. legislative offices, city council chambers, community meetings).

Our evolution as a firm reflects our adapting to our clients’ need to better map those spaces of influence, know them in-depth, and execute strategies that help them have a more impactful voice on the conversations they care most about whether they happen online or in person.

– Elyse