Influence Opinions™ looked at social media usage during the 83rd Texas Legislature to identify trends and findings that can inform a strategy for issues management, advocacy and government affairs. We were particularly interested in how social media can support a strategy to pass (or kill) a bill in the next legislative session.

This white paper includes:

  • A timeline of how the conversations about the session played out online,
  • The top hashtags used this session,
  • The main topics of conversation online,
  • Legislators using Twitter,
  • Who legislators were following on Twitter,
  • Who drove the conversation online during the session, and
  • How a particular bill played out online, using House Bill 4 as an example.

The use of social media, particularly Twitter, proved to play an essential role to rally support for or against an issue. Which, as we saw in the special session, can make a huge impact.

Social media highlights of the Texas session:

  • 21 percent more legislators used Twitter during the 83rd Legislative Session (76 percent total) than during the 82nd Legislative Session.
  • Texas legislators collectively sent 17,529 tweets during this session.
  • Twitter accounted for 87 percent of the online discussion around the 83rd Legislative Session.
  • Social media was also used extensively by third parties to increase the visibility of their issues with legislators, staff and reporters.

Click here to download the white paper.